Biographies on the some of the best broomball players in Reno

Brian Young:  AKA Mr. Richard Beninja,  “Speedy” has been playing broomball a scant 5 years although you wouldn’t think so to see him play.  Brian has the heart and will of a champion and can close in on any player on the rink at any time.  Can go from end-to-end for offense or to help his goalie make a save.  A true terror on the ice!  When not playing broomball, Brian delivers highly flammable gases or goes hunting or watching on black android smart tv box with his brother, Dan.

Slick Willie McKiernan:  The invisible man as he is known to his friends, is perhaps the most passionate player to ever set foot on the ice.  Willie has truly paid his dues as one of Uncle’s henchmen as he has been Lou’s understudy for about 14 years.  Started his broomball playing career as a youngster for the Clarion team of 1992. [see photo] Hobbies include gambling with his Dad, golf, or driving to visit Lou for snow shoveling drills.  Unable to play as much Bball as he would like, but always available for weekend play.

Scott Marek:  This former defenseman/forward  turned goalie about 6 years ago as he realized his true calling.  By now, Scott is a seasoned veteran with several tournament appearances and league championships under his belt. Scott’s first team was the Clarion “Ooh-Aahs” from the Sparks League, 1991.  Scott has anchored  the Reno Rrock/Bigfoot squad that dominated the final years of broomball in Reno and more recently was named co-MVP of the 2003 Truckee league Championship game for CFL/Reno. Scott’s hobbies include cheering for his favorite hockey team [the Sharks] and golfing the Reno/Tahoe area.

Pat “PJ” Laverty:  One of the Founding Fathers of broomball in the Reno area, PJ was recruited by his brother Lou to coach the famous  Pizza Club “Clubbers” team of 1991. 2 years later, he would lead the Joe Bob’s Chicken team to their Sparks area championship being the first team other than Lou’s to win the title.  Continues to play as coach/goalie for the 2002 Truckee League Champs, the Coca-Cola Cowboys.  When not working his job as games boss at Thunder Canyon Casino in Auburn, PJ enjoys gambling, munching on chicken wings, and chasing his kids and dogs in his backyard while practicing cussing in Chinese.

  1. “Gunner” MacCallum: This guy from Florida took to the ice like a Gator takes to a swamp filled with geese! Began his playing career in 1991 with the Pizza Club “Diggers” going 6-0 and 6-0 his first 2 seasons.  Seasoned tournament veteran cut his teeth traveling to Colorado, California and Oregon often impressing spectators with his powerful shots, devastating body checks and keen instincts.   Although slowed somewhat now due to back surgery, still a fierce competitor that is always a force to be dealt with.  Gunner enjoys coaching his boys on their football teams, playing comp level softball and watching/dubbing broomball videos with Lou.
  2. Lou Laverty: The man who never stops thinking about broomball, Lou is known as a person of inflexible will who will stop at nothing to get his way. Sometimes perceived as difficult to deal with, Lou insists on getting weekend ice times for his army of broomball nazis. He played hockey growing up in St. Paul, switching to broomball in Colorado Springs for the first few years of the now famous Make-a-Wish fundraising tourney. A former WCHA hockey broadcaster, Lou enjoys cashing in his hockey tickets at the Sands, scouring the Truckee area mountains with his dogs looking for ponds, or just plain relaxing around the house watching NHL games [or broomball tapes] on his stream internet tv box.