Truckee Rules



Welcome to the wacky, fun-filled game of Broomball!  Broomball games are played with men and women together as teammates and opponents.  The object of the game is to score more points [goals] than your opponents in the 2-15 minute halves of play.  A team is 4 players plus a “wild card” [female player] including goalies.  If a team has no females they will play the game shorthanded. Hint: it is very beneficial to have more than one female player on each team roster.  Rosters may have as many as 15 players per team, any number of males/females allowed. No roster additions will be allowed after the first game played!  That means no switching teams allowed.

All players must wear a good helmet of any type and agree to play by these rules which are designed with everyone’s safety in mind.

  1. NO CHECKING—using your body as a human projectile is NOT allowed. Play the person “man-on-man” and play the ball!
  2. INTERFERENCE—no blocking a player, as in football. No grabbing,  holding or pushing.  Penalty will be called.
  3. HIGH STICKING—Players sticks may NEVER be swung or raised above head height. When shooting, sticks may not be higher than head level on back swing or follow through.  Dangerous stick swings will be penalized.  Also, players are required to hold on to their broomsticks. A player may NEVER be in possession of two sticks, even to hand one to a teammate. Any dropped stick [or any other equipment] penalty may be called.
  4. HAND BALL—Players may play the ball with their hand as long as they play the ball directly to themselves immediately, touching the handed players stick only, before a teammate may play the ball. An opponent may intercept a handed ball pass however.  Goalie may hand-off to his teammates at his own end [sideways].  No long goalie throws down the ice.
  5. KICK BALL—kick passes are allowed. No balls may be kicked for goals.
  6. SPORTSMANSHIP—No fighting, cussing at anyone, or any bad behavior will be tolerated. ANY form of deliberate attempt to injure an opponent will be penalized. You could be kicked out of the league for un-sportsmanlike actions!
  7. PENALTY SHOTS—ALL penalties above called will be awarded against penalized team as a free penalty shot. Any 3rd penalty called against any one player in a single game results in that player being ejected from that game [DQ].  If a player is DQ’d his team also plays short-handed for the remainder of the game.  Teams may not change goalies for penalty shots. Goalies may change during any stop as long as referee is informed.
  8. OVERTIME RULE—5 minute “sudden-death” will be played. If there is still a tie, then shoot-out format [same as soccer] will be used.
  9. Shots out-of-bounds—Play will be stopped when ball is hit over boards, out of bounds, face-off at center ice. Balls hit off trees or light wires will be LIVE, in play unless glass or other debris is on the ice.  Center ice face-off.

These rules are designed with everyone’s safety and fun in mind.  Please enjoy yourself and remember your responsibilities to yourself and to your teammates as well as to your opponents.  Treat them the way you would expect them to treat you.

Thank you and see you at the rink!

I agree to play Broomball by these rules.

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